okay it’s about dang time i post SOMETHING else. so here’s a set of nighties for your kiddos! as with everything else, i made these a while ago so, uh… yeah!

they come in 28 colors total. 14 are just copy+paste of charterzard’s recolors of the original nightie, i just changed the bows to pink. ^u^ the other 14 are done in colors by pooklet, huning, and one by aelia, and they use charterzard’s texture. and the bows are all pink cause i wanted them to match the slippers… which i recolored to look like a pair i own! ^___^ so, the mesh is included, and here is keoni’s original post.
swatch 1 // swatch 2
[ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Mediafire) ☆ ] | [ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Box) ☆ ]




i just spent like 5 hours decorating a house in sims 2 /cries



alright, here is that sim for download, as requested

i just opened bodyshop and packaged her, hope i didn’t somehow manage to mess that one up! also i’m sorry her skin and shirt look pixelated in bodyshop, my bodyshop does that… but as you can see in game they’re fine!! (sorry..)

um, packaged as pictured, here is the cc list. ^ u ^

[ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Mediafire) ☆ ] | [ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Box) ☆


Anonymous asked: Could you pretty pretty pretty please upload this girl? She is GORGEOUS! post/95528105076/golly-i-really-have-a-certain-type-of-sim-i-like

oh, whoa, really? .__.’

i mean, yes! i will package her right now! just a moment, i’ve never done it before.. heh… u__u’

and thank you!!