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Jean and Vermont’s ridiculously mismatched house.

this is it, this is the game

so a small (?) thing today, 70 recolors of a carpet trapping made for voleste. I really liked the look of this carpet, so I needed it in many colors…! this is kind of recent so i used nyren’s pretty colors too! ^ u ^

here’s the originals on voleste’s LJ! it’s the second one.
the swatches are included, btw. there’s so many!!

swatch aelia // swatch curiousb // swatch eversims // swatch huning // swatch nyren // swatch pooklet
[ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Mediafire) ☆ ] | [ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Box) ☆ ]

getting close to the end of all that stuff i made… here are some recolors of veranka’s uni tv tray! i made these like.. a year ago, lol…

comes in 21 recolors, with 3 varying textures. said textures came from cg textures. there’s also some gradient ones.. i used colors by pooklet, huning, and one by aelia.
and FYI, “1” is one i included by accident. it was my test run, and thus the legs are a bit grungier than the others. also it’s grey, bleh. but oh well, too much work to take it out!!

mesh included; here’s veranka’s original post!

swatch // all recolors in-game
[ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Mediafire) ☆ ] | [ ☆ DOWNLOAD (Box) ☆ ]


Hello! I retextured another older hair and posted it at DW. I also did an F2M, because this hair is adorable and I need it for everyone.

ah, i love this hair!! *p*

Anonymous asked: Where can I find the outfit of the android lady? — /post/50997927317/ahhhh-these-are-really-old-but-i-havent-even-been. Thank you.

hello, that outfit is by eatfishcustard. most of their stuff (i guess) is hosted at the sims2graveyard, here. the file you want is the “SentateAFDresses”. I don’t know if that has all the recolors, though.

Anonymous asked: Hello. Nice blog. ;-) I'm wondering where can I find the wood floor and the little doll — /post/96997957746/okay-its-about-dang-time-i-post-something-else. Thank you so much and happy simming!

hi, thanks! ^ u ^

the wood floor is here at sims2palette, and the doll is by 8-3, and all their stuff is here at simscave. and that doll is in the Anniversary Set.