putting off going to sleep… but that means I did manage to take some preview pics for a couple things! ^o^

fraisim asked: Hello! How are you? I hope everything's well! Would you mind telling me where I can find the key necklace, the one that is pretty close to the neck and has layers? Thank you veryyyy much! <3

hiya! That necklace was made by azaya, but the post was on Garden of Shadows. HOWEVER, I used the wayback machine to find it, so you can see the post here! and here’s azaya’s download link, in case that doesn’t work or something?

happy to help! ^u^

I hope you don’t mind me publishing, since I thought other people might find this ~*~informative~*~ :D

sims freestyling can actually be pretty adorable, i think ^u^

hello, I made some clothing recolors if you are interested! it’s 12 recolors of chalkmetal’s edit of sentate’s wing dress.

first things first, here’s the livejournal post! and here’s a picture of things I messed up!! and here’s the download links!:

☆ DOWNLOAD: [ mediafire ] | [ box ]

I don’t know how people can stand to post things in more than one place wow im lazy!!!! 

ahh my internet has been so spotty the past few days.. so I actually opened my game!!

hello, something small for you today. I recolored 2 of the toothbrush meshes from ATS. ^u^ as always, check my lj entry for the post, but here’s a download link if you want it NOW!

☆ DOWNLOAD: [ Mediafire ] | [ Box ]

meshes and swatches included!


NO, you are WRONG


now she is a cutie

got tired of reassembling the build and buy sections of my downloads, so I went searching for bodyshop stuff instead!

~*~celebratory sim~*~

Anonymous asked: omg, i visited your lj and went crazy! everything is so beautiful! i downloaded so many things i'm afraid my game won't even open. thank you so much for making pretty things! stay well <3

haha, wow! I hope I don’t slow down your game too much! ^o^ no matter how much stuff I seem to amass I always think I need to make more! 

I’m very happy to hear you liked everything!! *o* and thank you so much for your kind words!!~ it really made me smile! uwu’


absolutely nothing special, I was in a rush and just wanted to DO SOMETHING in game (and also get my editing to how i like it)

AND also I still have like no cc (compared to what I am used to)! boo-hoo u_u

this looked less boring in game, I promise >_>